Running, jogging or simply going for a walk in Tuscany

Running, jogging or simply going for a walk in Tuscany….

Most travellers use motorised transport to enjoy the scenery of the famous rolling hills, forests and farm lands.  However, for those keen runners, the emotion of running in the Tuscan country side whilst cherishing the change of landscape from forests to country roads with wonderful views is an exercise that will remain part of your running experience for decades.

Our local areas are fantastic for running to keep fit, for more intense training and preparations for middle and long distance endurance running or simply to remove the odd kilo from all the Tuscan food and wine that you will enjoy whilst staying with us…..

If you are a runner or simply want to keep fit, it will be a pleasure to talk you through the various options and routs that we have in our local area of the Val d’Orcia and Valdichiana.

Most routs will require up as well as downhill running depending on your individual fitness and distance you want to achieve.  Our local average height above sea level is between 500 to 700 meters (around 1600 to 2240 feet).

Suggested equipment to bring for a running or fitness holiday in Montepulciano:

Trainers / shoes: A good “used” or “run in” pair of quality running shoes is essential.  I would suggest trainers of breathable medium weight that provides more cushioning and absorption.
Running from Sant’ Antonio will be partially tarmac road which will lead into forests and country roads – mainly of sand and gravel.

Clothing:  Dry-fit short quality socks;  once again I suggest that you have already used them reducing the risk of blistering.  If they are new, I recommend washing before wearing the 1st time.

Body wear: Depending on the time of year and weather conditions expected, I would be happy to advise what may be suitable to bring.  Obviously during the summer season from June to September – light weight moister management cloths is recommended.

Watches and timers: Perhaps to keep track of time; a standard light digital stop watch may be helpful.  I personally use a Garmin with built in GPS which is fun as it adds to the excitement showing the exact distance run, speed and average speed, pace and heart rate, calorie count, height above sea level etc. which can be down loaded to a PC.  This helps in keeping track on personal progression.  There are quite a few technical devices that are readily available at good sport shops that help make running more interesting.

It is recommend that all runners and athletes obtain a regular and thorough sports & fitness check up once a year through a local medical doctor or qualified fitness medic.
All suggested routs and recommendations provided at Sant’ Antonio are run at your own risk and we will not be liable or held responsible for any personal or third party injuries that may occur whilst running on our property or on recommended country roads.  You run and train at your own will and complete own risk.

Special events and running with Champions:

Being a registered with Athletics Kenya, affiliated with the IAAF and managing elite athletes, I am in constant contact with top runners from various countries.  For amateurs, more serious runners , groups or individuals that want to have a memorable week, or a few days organised with an elite runner, World or Olympic champions (middle and long distance), I will happily arrange such an adventurous sportive stay. 
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