Purosangue Athletics Club


The Purosangue Project was born from the idea of Massimiliano Monteforte, a runner and Nico Pannevis, owner of Sant’Antonio Country Resort.

Massimiliano Monteforte, a runner that has covered over 100,000 Km, runs from the age of 6 years and after 125 career victories is a true talent scout. For more than 14 years, he has been bringing the best athletes in the world to run the Rome Marathon. Max trains talents and clean sportsmanship with a big NO to DOPING.

Nico Pannevis, born and raised in Kenya moved to Europe at the age of 18 years. He then arrives in Italy to take care of his beautiful Sant’ Antonio Country Resort in Montepulciano in the province of Siena: 80 hectares of forest and farm land in the heart of southern Tuscany where you can relax in what was once an 800 year old convent.  It was there that Max spent a weekend and got to meet Nico and remained positively astonished by the beauty and nature that surrounds Sant’ Antonio Country Resort.  Over a conversation, they understand to have a common passion: running. Thus the first idea was born: build a track around Sant’ Antonio to give the opportunity to anyone, especially children, to enjoy outdoor sports.

Nico and Max decide to risk it and in the highlands of Kenya at over 2000 meters above sea level purchased a plot of land. 50 hectares, an ideal spot to build the Purosangue Training Camp. A sports center totally eco- sustainable where young athletes will be coached to become champions and spreading the culture of fair play and clean sport.


In Kenya, Massimiliano and Nico want to build an hotel to promote local tourism and a school to give an opportunity to study to the kids, always respecting the environment using eco-sustainable materials. A sports center totally eco- sustainable where young athletes will be coached to become champions and spreading the culture of fair play, clean sport with a big NO to doping.

The Purosangue project also provided free medical assistance to athletes, local population and to assist athletes with hand bikes or wheelchairs.


“We believe in the possibility to create a brighter future. Offering a possibility to young athletes not only to become young champions in sport but most of all in life. Using their own skills, to achieve goals without the use of performance-enhanced drugs. That is why, all Purosangue athletes will be subject to regular checks. Athletes will also be taught in English and sports management.
We believe that with transparency and good will - athletes will achieve their dream.
For us, a champion is not an athlete that wins a single victory on the track but a person able to think like a champion and win in life.
A short video on the Purosangue Athletics Club Project

Purosangue Athletics Club

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