Lounge and dining room

The ancient stables: our lounge and dining room

Where historically the horses and Chianine (local large white cows used for ploughing the land) where housed is the large lounge and dining room of Sant' Antonio Country Resort.

The lounge is used for wine and cookery courses or art & painting courses that we organise during various periods of the year.

On the odd occasion we let the lounge out to families or small groups of friends who wish to have a private area to themselves.

On request, we serve breakfast or dinner (for groups of 14 people or more) with various Tuscan delicacies and specialities accompanied by fine Tuscan wines.

The lounge with original walls made from travertine stone and bricks, has a large open fireplace and is furnished with a sofa set and 18th century wooden dining tables, chairs and cupboards that contain fine Italian china & crockery, glass ware for water, long drinks, white and red wine as well as quality cutlery.

Sant'Antonio Country Resort Ambience

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