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your hosts: Nico Pannevis entrepreneur in Great Britain, Elena Falvo oil producer, Il Sant'Antonio Country Resort

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Your hosts: Nico & Elena

Nico Pannevis

Born in Kenya, Nico spent the 1st 17 years living in different countries in Africa, predominantly in Kenya, The Democratic Republic of Congo, the Seychelles and Tanzania where his grand father Angelo was a coffee producer and his father Jimmy a hotelier. This provided Nico at a very young age with personal experience in the hospitality, food and beverage sector.

The experience of living in these countries taught him to understand and absorb the beauty and culture each region had to offer and learn to speak 6 languages.

Through this journey, Nico learned the value of travelling and discovering the magnificence of nature which he continues to do with his wife and children.  Together they try and reflect this atmosphere at Sant’ Antonio.

In 1989 Nico left Africa to follow in his father’s foot steps and to further his studies in England where he graduated in Guilford and then moved on to work in the Hospitality industry working for renown establishments such as the Savoy Hotel, The Ritz Hotel, Mandarin Oriental and The Capital Hotels Ltd. in London.

In 1997 he was awarded the Acorn Award as young entrepreneur in Great Britain in the restaurants and hospitality section after which he moved back to his “Italian Roots” to start his own business and new journey with his wife Elena.
Nico Pannevis
Elena Falvo

Born in Rome, Elena spent the 1st part of her life living amongst the olive trees and grapevines in Tuscany between Montepulciano and Cortona.  Her father Ettore, a renown wine producer; founder and former producer of Avignonesi Winery taught her the ropes in viticulture as a child.

A change in her career took her to the University of Perugia to study veterinary medicine however her passion for wine and working with her father brought her back into viticulture and in 1994 she went to London to study Masters in Wine where she met Nico.

In London Elena became the wine buyer for The Ritz Hotel and furthered her career in wine marketing with Enotria Wine Cellars.

Both Nico & Elena’s common passion for wine, food, enjoyment and travel placed them on an inseparable path and they now live together with their 2 children - Sofia, Filippo and Boxer dog “Caio” at Sant’ Antonio.
Elena Falvo, Montepulciano

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